The Five Best Winter Toys for Kids

With winter weather quickly approaching, we will soon find ourselves spending much more time indoors. We will have to say “see you later” to family bike rides and running around the park and find new ways to stay busy inside. Luckily, there are some incredible toy and activity options to keep your little ones engaged and happy through the cold days to come.


Below, we will talk through the five best types of winter toys for kids, as well as the benefits that come along with each:


Arts and Crafts Galore

If you have got an aspiring artist on your hand, you know just how much joy can come from a new project (and how much time can be spent having fun while they’re creating it).


Aside from it being fun and perfect for soaking up indoor time, art is filled with benefits for kids that’ll pour into their regular lives. Art promotes creativity of all kinds, it encourages neural connections and utilizes more than one of the five senses at a time, it builds fine motor and problem-solving skills, and it leads to early literacy development.


So, the next time your child needs a way to stay busy for a few hours, take out a craft kit or a bin or art supplies and let them get to work. Their intense focus, the fun they have, and the benefits they gain may surprise you.


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Puzzles, Puzzles, and More Puzzles

Another great way to stay busy in the winter is by putting together puzzles. Kids are often drawn to the challenge and fun pictures that puzzles create, and they come with many great benefits, too.


Puzzles start by teaching kids a physical skill. When your little one is young, they will learn to accurately place a knobbed puzzle piece in its spot. As they grow, they will learn to turn a more complex piece around to find the direction and placement it requires. Both actions call for a great amount of fine motor skills.


Puzzles will also teach your child cognitive skills through problem solving and emotional skills through the patience that completing such a large, multi-step task takes.


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Exciting Science

Science experiments are probably one of the best ways to bring excitement into the daily routine that comes with the winter season. They are new, they are different, and they’re jam-packed with learning opportunities.


Science kits and experiments introduce science and STEM topics in an early, easy-to-understand fashion. They build on language skills, critical thinking, curiosity, and so much more.


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Board Games to Play Together

Board games are another great way to pass the time, and they are also an awesome way to spend time together as a family. You may even want to bring back family game night (if you have not already) for these incredible benefits:

Board games can introduce early learning topics, such as sounding out words on a card or counting spaces when it is time to move a piece. They promote language skills, healthy brain activity, focus, teamwork, life lessons, and more. Scholastic even suggests board games as an alternative to time out as they are filled with calming and bonding properties.


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Pretend Play the Day Away

It does not always take a set activity to stay busy in the winter. For times when your child is playing on their own or with their siblings, pretend play is an excellent tool.

Pretend play, such as dressing up or playing in a toy kitchen, teaches kids to handle the emotions they feel daily in a safe, pretend space. It gives kids the power of making decisions, which is something they often cannot do enough of in real life. It also builds on language and social skills and helps kids decipher the differences between fantasy and reality.


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Even if you are not necessarily looking forward to colder days, longer nights, and time spent inside, having the right tools to keep your kids playing will improve this winter for you. Gather up a few of the best winter toys for kids and we will get through this season together!