4 Fun Valentine's Day Activities For Kids

At this point in the pandemic, we have all become home-holiday experts, and with a few out-of-the-box solutions, Valentine’s Day could be the best celebration yet. Consider trying an activity or two from the list below to make this Heart Day extra special for the little ones in your home:

Send a Love Note

One of the most traditional ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to send notes, cards, or small gifts to friends and family members. You child may not be able to pass out valentines at school this year, but you can still put together something special and send it off in the mail to loved ones near and far.


This heart-shaped envelope tutorial could be the perfect way to send some appreciation to those special people.

Get Crafty

There’s something special about getting creative on Valentine’s Day. If you'll be spending some extra time at home this year, crafts are the perfect way to make the day fun and memorable. They could even double as a love note to send to someone special as described above!


Watercolor paint heart collages, “love bugs,” and heart-winged butterflies are a few awesome, seasonal projects to get your little one in the celebratory mood.


If you’re looking for something extra special, this heart-shaped string lantern craft from Timeless Toys is sure to be a hit for the older kiddos.

All the Feels

Who says Valentine’s Day must be only about love? You can get all the senses engaged with a fun, hands-on sensory bin for your toddler or preschooler at home.


Fill a bin with dyed rice, play sand, pink slime, or even water with food coloring mixed in. Then, add a few containers for pouring, a couple spoons for mixing, or even some small, Valentine’s Day-themed toys. Your little one is sure to enjoy exploring their senses and celebrating the holiday at the same time.


For the older kids, a science experiment could be a special way to incorporate the senses into the holiday as well.


For specific Valentine’s Day sensory bin ideas, check out this awesome list.

Sweet, Sweet Treats

Delicious desserts are almost an essential part of Valentine’s Day and making your own with your child’s help is a fun (and educational) way to celebrate.


Make a recipe of your own or try a heart-themed treat from this incredible snack compilation from Food Network. It has got classic treats and healthy versions alike, so you’re sure to find something that suits your family’s baking style. You may even want to enjoy your creations in an extra special way, like with this adorable forest friends tea party set.


This Valentine’s Day may be far different from those in the past, but we’re ready to make it a day to remember. Choose the activities you like best from the list above, and get ready for all the smiles, laughs, and happy moments to come.