Let’s Grow a Garden: The Benefits of Planting, Sowing, and Harvesting with Kids

Growing a garden may seem like a simple act, but it is extremely beneficial for our kids (and families). Some of the main effects that come from getting outside and planting as a family include:


Growing Gross Motor Skills: When you get out in the garden, your child can help you dig a planting spot, till the dirt, rake away leaves, carry heavy buckets, and water plants with a can or hose. All these movements will support the growth of gross motor skills — and your little one will even get some exercise along the way.

Fine-Tuning Fine Motor Skills: The big muscles will not be the only ones to benefit — tiny muscles in the hands will grow strong with gardening as well through picking up seeds, placing them in the dirt, pulling weeds, and pruning plants once they begin to grow. These are the same muscles that support writing, self-care motions, and other precise movements in the future.

Sensory Exploration: The garden is filled with new feelings, sights, sounds, tastes, and smells! Your child will gain sensory experiences while touching dirt, leaves, bugs, worms, and more. The various weather conditions will teach them hot and cold, wet and dry, and everything in between. The new foods that grow will stimulate the nose and mouth with new scents and flavors, too.

Concreting Color Recognition: For your youngest learners, try planting a rainbow. Talk about the red tomatoes, the orange carrots, and the yellow squash. Color learning will come quickly as it occurs in daily chores.

Lifelong Literacy Skills: The garden is filled with new words. Little ones will expand their vocabulary through fruit and vegetable names as well as garden actions. Older children can read seed packet instructions or even create name stakes to label each plant that grows.

Stress-Free Food Time: It has long been proven that kids who grow vegetables are more likely to try (and like) them. Picky eaters aside, gardening can help make dinner time smoother for you.

A Love of Nature: As we raise the next generation to take care of our planet, gardening is the perfect way to instill a love of the Earth. Talk about where our fruits and vegetables come from and how the sun, soil, and rain work together to create these delicious eats. Kids will be mesmerized by the magic that occurs before their very eyes.

If you are ready to start the planting process, Timeless Toys would love to help. We have gardening tool sets and child-sized rakes available to purchase, so your little one can feel just like you while you get the job done.

Gardening with kids is filled with benefits for everyone involved. Take the tips shared above and create both learning experiences and lifelong memories with your children this summer. It is an act you surely will not regret!