Why Teens Need Summer Jobs


Schools out for summer! Turn off the alarm clocks and get ready for lots of relaxing. But wait — what is that you said about finding a part-time job?

Summer jobs for teens can bring about tons of benefits, and the skills they will solidify along the way are hard to strengthen anywhere else. Below, we will investigate why teens need summer jobs, the best types of jobs for teens, and tips to help your child land the part-time gig of his or her dreams:


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The Benefits of Teens Getting a Summer Job

As we investigate why teens need summer jobs, let’s list some of the invaluable skills they will learn along the way:

  • Confidence
  • Self-reliance
  • Healthy work habits
  • Responsibility
  • Time management
  • Organization
  • Financial management

These topics cannot be taught in a classroom, but they are essential for college, careers, and everyday life. Just imagine how much easier post-high school tasks would be for kids who already know how to stick to a schedule, get things done, and take responsibility for the highs and lows that come their way.

The US Department of Labor even goes as far as saying that for every year a student works a summer job, their 20-something income ability raises 14-16%. Talk about a benefit that cannot be replaced.


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Some studies show that kids with part-time jobs are less likely to drop out of school, too — another incredible benefit that is worth every hour of extra effort on your teen’s behalf.

The Best Types of Summer Jobs for Teens

In most cases, the best summer jobs for teens are the ones they will enjoy most. Let your child choose a passion and look for a gig that matches up. This may be something in a field they want to enter as an adult, or it could be spending the summer out in the sun lifeguarding at the local pool.

Some fun summer jobs for teens include:

  • Camp counselor
  • Babysitter
  • Cashier
  • Amusement Park employee
  • Youth sports coach
  • Waitress/Waiter
  • Farm hand
  • Greenhouse employee
  • Lawn care provider
  • Intern in a field of interest

The type of work does not matter much because every job comes with the ability to build lifelong skills. When your child enjoys the place they spend their time, they are more likely to put in all their effort and grow from the experience as much as possible.

Tips to Help Your Teen Get a Summer Job

Summer jobs for teens are clearly beneficial, but how can you help your child land the job they’ll love most?

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Start by teaching them about the timeless job search. Have them make a list of local places they would enjoy spending their time and have them call or stop by to see if they happen to be hiring for part-time summer work. Teach your child about online job postings, newspaper listings, and local sites that advertise open positions. Talk about resumes, interviews, how to dress for that ever-important first impression, and more. These skills may be just as helpful as the experience they are about to receive.

No matter what your teen chooses to do, they are sure to grow substantially from the experience. Talk up the summer job opportunity as best you can — it is time for you and your teen to get excited about this big change!