Staying Creative in a Digital World

Our world is changing by the day, much of which is caused by the technological advances that are so prevalent in every area of our lives. Sure, these inventions add convenience, knowledge, and plenty of other positive factors as we go about our days, but how are they affecting our kids' creativity? Do we still have the same ability to use our imaginations and express our creativity in a digital world?

Below, we will investigate a few effective ways to help your kids (and yourself) hold onto creativity no matter where our society leads:

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Turn Off the Screens

To enhance our creativity in a digital world, we need technology breaks from time to time. Try scheduling screen sessions as a family, so you can determine how much of each day is being spent on phones, tablets, televisions, etc.

Once you know how much time you are spending on devices each day, plan to reduce it. Write times into the family calendar that call for completely logging off technology of all kinds. Spend time together as a family — get out in nature, journal, or take out your art supplies. Use this time to take in the world around you. Even if all you see are your living room walls, you may be surprised by the refreshing boost in brain power your screen break brings.

Let Boredom Begin

Creativity comes from multiple places, but one of its main driving factors has long been boredom. When kids (or adults) are out of things to do, they come up with unique options to keep occupied.

Try to be intentional about including unstructured time in your schedule. Enrichment programs, sports, and social clubs are great, but they tend to make life busier than it needs to be. Make “nothing” time just as essential as these other options to ensure boredom still has time to form — and to lead to mounds of creative potential every day.

Make sure these downtimes are not automatically filled with device use, either. Creativity in a digital world will not be possible if technology continues to wipe out all that boredom must bring.

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Do not Be Afraid to Explore Digital Creativity

Technology is not all bad, even when it comes to creativity. If you are looking for ways in which you or your child can be creative behind the screen, consider giving digital forms of art a try. Graphic design is one way to get creative with technology, and it can lead to a rewarding future career, too. Other creative digital actions could include various forms of writing, animation, photography, filmmaking, and more.

In fact, some believe that when technology is used correctly, it can enhance creativity instead of reducing it. The digital world can provide increased inspiration, lessons to learn new crafting techniques, and so much more. It just takes a bit of purposefulness to use its qualities in a way that always stays beneficial.

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No matter how you do it, it is important to prioritize creativity in a digital world. Remember to make boredom a daily occurrence, take breaks from the screen, and use technology purposefully when it is time to use its features. The digital world does not have to take your creativity away — you just need to put in a bit of extra thought and effort to ensure it’s able to stick around.